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The Oxley Post is now in its second century of service to veterans and their families in Northeast Philadelphia. Please consider making a donation to help us in our mission. As a nationally chartered Veterans Service Organization, we are recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)19 organization and all donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Thank you for your help.

Coronavirus Update from Department HQ

As Governor Wolf has moved Philadelphia to the "Yellow Phase" the Oxley Post is making preparations to reopen while adhering to CDC guidelines. Please visit our facebook page for the latest news and information.


The following is an email sent by our Department Commander Robert John regarding the Coronavirus and its effects on the American Legion in Pennsylvania. If you have any questions, please call the post at 215-332-2457 and leave a message (we are monitoring the voice mail) or email our Commander Bruce Conklin at I want to take this time to let you know what your state leadership has been up to lately and how you may be affected by those actions.

I’m sure you are all aware that our normal April Department Executive Committee meeting scheduled for April 3-5 at the Red Lion Hotel in Harrisburg was cancelled and, instead, we held our D.E.C. meeting by video conference on Saturday, April 4. At that meeting, it was decided to cancel State Police Youth Week, Keystone Boys State and Department Roundup this year. It was also decided to postpone a decision on our Department Baseball season until May 1st. National had already told us that their Regional and World Series Baseball tournaments are cancelled.

In the middle of last week, we received Resolution No. 3 from National which subsequently received unanimous approval by the National Executive Committee. Issues covered by that Resolution are:

  1. Cancellation of 2020 National Convention along with the Pre-Convention and Post-Convention N.E.C.s and commission and committee meetings scheduled in Louisville.
  2. All nationally elected and appointed officers remain in their positions until the close of the 2021 National Convention in Phoenix, AZ.
  3. All National commission and/or committee chairpersons and current members remain in their positions until they resign or are either reassigned or reappointed at the 2021 Fall Meetings in Indianapolis.
  4. N.E.C. recommends that Department retain its current member of the N.E.C. until the Post-Convention N.E.C. meeting in Phoenix, AZ on Sept. 2, 2021.
  5. Allow N.E.C. to vote by video meetings or email on pressing issues prior to the 2020 Fall meetings in Indianapolis.
  6. Per capita dues to National remain at $18.50 for 2021.
  7. N.E.C. strongly urges national S.A.L. and Auxiliary and all Departments follow a similar course of action to that stated above.
  8. N.E.C. awards 2026 National Convention to Louisville, KY since they were prompt and penalty-free in national’s request to cancel the 2020 National Convention there.

Since National strongly urges all Departments to emulate that Resolution, we formulated our own Resolution No. 1119. Issues covered by that Resolution are:

  1. Cancellation of the 2020 Department Convention along with the Pre-Convention and Post-Convention D.E.C.s
  2. All elected and appointed Department officers, all District Commanders and officers, all elected and appointed County officers and all elected and appointed Post officers will remain in their positions until the close of the 2021 Department Convention in Harrisburg.
  3. All Department committee chairpersons and current committee members will remain in their positions until they either resign or are reappointed at the September 2021 D.E.C.
  4. The 2021 thru 2023 Department Conventions are contracted with the Harrisburg Hilton. The 2024-2025 Department Conventions will be given to Lancaster as consolation for cancelling this year’s Convention.
  5. Department dues for 2021 remain at $8.50

Our Advisory Committee, composed of Past Department Commanders, was called together by teleconference on Saturday, April 11 to discuss the Resolution and other issues. 15 of our 19 Past Department Commanders participated in the teleconference, including Clare Blakeslee and 97 year old Louise Chase calling from Florida! They decided to:

  1. Remove the resolved clause about retaining $8.50 per capita dues to Department. Since we are saving about $200,000 this year by not having our April D.E.C., by not having SPYW or KBS, by not having a Department Convention and other things, we may be able to decrease this amount to help our membership pay their dues for 2021 since the economy is taking such a hit from this pandemic. More on this later.
  2. Approve the Resolution by unanimous consent.
  3. Again, by unanimous consent, recommend that our 2020 Department Baseball season be cancelled immediately.
  4. Recommend that a notice be sent to the entire Department that all Department of Pennsylvania American Legion programs and activities are cancelled until further notice.

The amended Resolution 1119 was sent by email to all voting members of the Department Executive Committee on the afternoon of April 11. Each member was asked to vote to either ACCEPT or REJECT the Resolution by return email to Kit by Tuesday, April 14th. The vote was unanimous to ACCEPT the Resolution.

Several questions arose concerning some specifics in our Resolution.

Everyone elected or appointed to an office, whether at Department level, at Section level, at District level, at County level or at Post level, will retain their position until close of the Department Convention at the Harrisburg Hilton scheduled for July 15 through 18, 2021. We are doing this to minimize the complications that would arise from everyone trying to hold elections electronically, by email or by snail mail. This is especially relevant to our District Commanders, both even and odd Districts, who will serve an extra year. More information on how that will work will be forthcoming.

This same holds true for all Committee Chairs and Committee members from Department down to the Post level.

However, anyone who wishes to resign from any office or committee within the Department is certainly free to do so. Any Commander who wishes to replace any committee chair or member is free to do so. In addition, this is a great time to check the information listed in the Department Directory about your Post – both your physical and mailing addresses, phone number, email, meeting day and time, etc. Any changes need to be received at Department by June 1st.

After that Saturday teleconference, I called our Department Activities Director and informed him that I have accepted the advice of our Advisory Committee and immediately cancel our Department of Pennsylvania American Legion Baseball program for 2020, without waiting for the May 1st date to review the program, as decided at the D.E.C. video conference. I sent him an email to that effect on Monday, April 13th.

These decisions to cancel our programs until further notice have been extremely difficult. Arguments against cancelling them have been, “They are months in the future; we still have time to wait and see what happens with this virus.” But we don’t have time. These programs have long preparation times. And venues (schools, fields, etc.) have to be scheduled. I have been watching the news and listening to all the medical experts and I have yet to hear any of them say this will be over by May 1st, or May 30 or June 15th or whatever date. The virus controls the timeline, not us. And until we, as a population, gain a “herd immunity” to this virus – and maybe not even then – can we begin to get back to “normal”. It may, as some are suggesting, be a “new normal” where no longer do we congregate in crowded movie theaters or at sporting events or at Conventions. Where shaking hands and kisses on the cheek become distant memories. Where talking to friends and family or holding business meetings over Zoom or Skype become the preferred way to do things.

I hope this isn’t the case. I hope we will be able to meet at our September D.E.C. I hope we can have our Christmas Hospital Tour. I hope we can soon “associate ourselves together” in person to fulfill our obligations to our four pillars.

Our 2021 membership cards from National are being delivered to Headquarters this week. We will mail each Post their cards directly so they can get to each Post Adjutant.

All awards scheduled to be presented at this year’s Department Convention will be held over for presentation at our 2021 Department Convention.

We are drawing up contingency plans for our Officers’ Orientation, our Service Officer DSO School and our Department Legion College to be done electronically, if we are unable to gather together in person for these events.

There are probably Small Business Administration loans or grants still available for your Posts but you need to apply through your bank. Your bank is willing to provide assistance to your Post in filling out the application.

We will be sending this information and more out to each Post as things happen.

These are untried, historical times that we all just happen to be living through. But live through it we will if we all just adhere to the guidelines that our medical experts have put in place: wash your hands, wear a mask if you must go out, maintain six feet of separation, but, most of all, for now, stay home!

There are probably Small Business Administration loans or grants still available for your Posts but you need to apply through your bank. Your bank is willing to provide assistance to your Post in filling out the application.

We will be sending this information and more out to each Post as things happen.

That’s all for now. If you need any help or have questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to call or email me.

For God and Country, good bye.

LEGION Act Signed into Law

Expands Membership Eligibility to All Veterans

"A blood donation is one of the greatest gifts that a person can give. It is a selfless act that can save up to three lives! This year, instead of a having a traditional blood drive at our post, we are asking all our Oxley Family members to make an appointment and donate at a date and time convenient to them. We have set up a “Sleeves Up” campaign page in coordination with the Red Cross to help track donations.

Here’s what we’re asking: Make a pledge: Go to our Red Cross "Sleeves Up!" Page at

Or, Call 1-800-RED-CROSS to make an appointment. ▪ After you've donated let us know via our "Contact" page. There is a convenient blood donation center at Rhawn and Dungan Streets that is open 7 days a week or go to to schedule an appointment.

Send an email or text to your friends and family and ask that they pledge to donate.

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