Commander: Bruce Conklin

Adjutant: John Holland

Sr. Vice Commander: Sean Finley

Jr. Vice Commander: Ron Weitman

Finance Officer: Greg Ashendorf

Chaplain: Bob Cummings

Judge Advocate: Vacant

Service Officer: Mike Vokes

Sgt. At Arms: Jim Flynn


Board of Directors:

Ed Conlin

Brian Conklin

Joe Arrison


Canteen Managers: Bill Prelle, Shelly Teesdale


Legion Auxiliary

President: Shelly Teesdale

Sr. Vice President: Noreen Williams

Secretary: Nicole Menow

Chaplain: Barb Hays

Sons of the American Legion

Commander: Chuck Phraner

Adjutant: Paul Wehner

Finance Officer: Tom Cheeseman

Sr. Vice Commander: Ed Hays

Jr. Vice Commander: Mike O’Leary

Chaplain: Jerry Williamson

Sgt. At Arms: Mike Kennedy

Sgt. At Arms: Brian Leister

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